LaunchHill is a venture capital firm cofounded by seasoned venture capitalists from Empower Investment (www.empowerinvestment.com) and mission-driven scientists. We primarily focus our investment on deep technology driven ventures in early stage. During the past several years, we have invested dozens of high-tech startups in China, U.S., India, South Korea and Hong Kong. Our portfolio companies cover areas including big data, artificial intelligence, automation, robotics, advanced materials, energy storage and bioengineering.

Technology powers our future. We are eager to find those visionary, determined and down-to-earth inventors and entrepreneurs, and help them launch their products and services which are enabled by their cutting-edge technology as soon as possible. It will be our greatest honor to make an impact to the future together with the greatest intellects in our generation.



2015年,时任美国总统的奥巴马在2015年国情咨文演讲中提到了“人类基因组计划”并实施,随后,法英韩等发达国家均提出相关计划并推进。2016年,国内亦启动中国精准医疗计划,提出到2030年之前,我国将在精准医疗领域投入600亿元。据国际市场研究机构BBC Research的预测,至2020年全球精准医疗行业的市场规模将超过1000亿美元。